Dugway Proving Ground Live Fire Exercise

Next stop, Dugway Proving Ground! Best known as the U.S. military facility specializing in biological and chemical weapons testing, Dugway Proving Ground Is where Project ORIGIN called home for a stint in Spring, 2022. During a two week live fire exercise, soldiers integrated with systems and aimed to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCV) platforms. VIDS Corp has found themselves embedded with the Project ORIGIN team time and time again, so it was no surprise they found themselves in Utah to capture more content.

Event Name

Project ORIGIN, Dugway Proving Ground Live Fire Exercise


Dugway Proving Ground at Salt Lake City, Utah


Photography, Videography

Event Overview

The 2022 live fire experiment was conducted as the Project ORIGIN platform was put to the test in various day and night live-fire mission-oriented exercises. These tasks were carried out by the Army Green Berets from the 1st Special Forces Group.

Alongside soldiers and the Project ORIGIN team, the U.S. Army DEVCOM Ground Vehicle Systems Center team was on site to collect data. It takes multiple teams to come together to make sure the feedback given is interpreted correctly and the unmanned systems are functioning properly. When the main focus of the live fire exercise involved putting SOPs in place, these exercises would be impactful for future exercises!

In addition, this experiment supported the continued development of the Army’s Robotic Technology Kernel – a Modular Open System Architecture-based library software that can be used for ground autonomy. The Green Berets incorporated numerous Origin modular mission payloads to assist with long-range reconnaissance, concealment, electronic warfare and autonomous resupply operations.

Maj. Cory Wallace, the RCV Requirements Lead with the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team, stated:

“Working with an Operational Detachment Alpha enabled us to understand new use cases and consider new approaches to integrating robotic and autonomous systems into future experiments. The feedback from the operators gave us a completely new perspective as to how we need to shape our future development efforts in order to provide the most effective unmanned systems possible to Army formations.”

Todd Willert, GVSC’s project manager for Project Origin, looks ahead into the future for the software capabilities:

“We are in the process of tailoring software packages to meet the needs of end users,” Willert said. “Autonomy — at various levels — offers great opportunities for different mission sets that improve Soldier safety and reduce cognitive burden.”

Each of these attributes were examined during the live fire:

VIDS Corp Involvement:

VIDS Corp’s process for this event began as we begin all of our events – by asking questions. consulting with project managers, engineers, support staff, etc. takes first priority for VIDS Corp when arriving to a new event site. Understanding where can and cannot be occupied by personnel, what can and cannot be filmed, and what the focus of the event is are all taken into consideration during this process.

In the instance of this event, VIDS Corp access was unusually restricted due to enhanced safety protocols and requirements by Dugway Proving Ground. Even with these restrictions, VIDS Corp was able to provide best in class coverage for all aspect of the mission set.

VIDS Corp utilized a series of industry leading equipment during the DPG Live Fire event. BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 6k, BlackMagic URSA Mini, Deity Wireless Microphone, multi-axis gimbals, and other equipment to seamlessly pass between in-field activities and stationary interview settings. This led to a wide variety of camera angles and unique approaches to content coverage for the Project ORIGIN program.

Event Conclusion:

The Dugway Proving Ground Live Fire was unique in that special operations units accompanied the Project ORIGIN platforms and conducted various mission sets in dry, dusty and barren environments.

VIDS Corp offers a perspective to coverage that is only amplified by unique capture opportunities. Thinking back to previous exercises and how footage was captured in the past makes it easier to look forward to new angles or visions VIDS Corp can achieve.

VIDS Corp completed three different video content deliverables: a long form, explanatory video focused around soldier involvement and their feedback; mid form, multipurpose video focused on certain feedback from higher ups; and a short form, promotional video focused around the Project ORIGIN platform and its capabilities that were highlighted at the event.