• Knowledge

    With over ten years of combined experience in the global defense industry, we pride ourselves on the depth of expertise we bring to the table. From autonomy software and ground vehicle advancements, to UAS systems and robotics - no other company understands complex topics the way we do.

  • Collaboration

    When dealing with complex topics, products and jargon, we know the best way to do things right, is to work togethers. Whether it's working with project managers, engineers, field reps or PAO's - our ability to collaborate to craft messages and tailor stories is second to none.

  • Transparency

    Gone are the days of The Pony Express - we live in a world where constant communication isn't just anticipated, it's expected. Communication and awareness are values not just important to the warfighter, but are also key to the success of programs, events and products. We vow to make dialogue with our clients a priority, no matter what.


Our mission is to transform complex subject matter into visually captivating campaigns with informative language that can be universally understood.


At VIDS Corp, pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable is our daily goal. The defense industry has critically lacked a unique and creative approach to highlighting programs, product, and events – and we’re here to change that.

    Taking complex programs, products and events and giving them the image they need is something we do everyday. Let us show you what we can do for you!


    With our state of the art equipment, expert camera operators and experienced editors, we generate content that is not only informative, but also awe inspiring.


    Once you have all this content, what do you do with it? From compressive storage solutions, to media rollout plans and exposure opportunities - VIDS Corp. has you covered.


    We can fulfill any defense marketing needs. With our deep connections to nearly every defense industry and content creation category, There is nothing we can't do for you.


Nick Smock


Nick Poli

Creative Director

David Somero

Director of Business Development

Jordyn Solka

Social Outreach Coordinator

Zachary Irving

Director of Photography

Bryant Zitlau

Video Editing Lead

Oliver Van Assche

Field Videographer