Vids Corp



“Providing the best possible results for our clients” seems appropriate – but for us it’s more than that.

We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and encouraging our clients to see what the future of marketing looks like with us by their side. Our goal is produce results that set a new standard for the emerging technology market, while also providing the best quality result for our clients.


Our content creation services incorporate short and long form video production, motion graphics and animation, and intricate product photography that perfectly complement comprehensive research reports, white papers, and advanced digital data capture. Our team of creatives specialize in developing insight-driven ideas from concept to execution, regardless of the intricacies of the product, program, or event.

We understand the complexities of emerging technology and translate them into impactful narratives, strategically tailored to captivate target audiences.


Our technology interfacing services are anchored by a passion for innovation and focus on the end user experience. We’re constantly alert for emerging technologies that can elevate workflows, create and enhance long term partnerships, and optimize the interaction between our clients and their audiences.

Our fascination with how consumers interact with product, view programs, and attend events has led us to partnerships with leaders in augmented and virtual reality, mixed media, and immersive experiences – bringing unique end user experiences to evolving markets that engage and inform.


Our marketing strategy services feature the best of our capabilities within the ever-evolving defense and emerging technology markets. Through connections and experience, we’ve developed a keen understanding of strategic communications, brand development and target audience identification – all crucial to the success of our client’s products, programs and events.

We leverage our expertise, blending technical knowledge and creative vision into comprehensive strategies that match the unique requirements of our clients.


Our Social Development services combine a deep understanding of social platforms, algorithms, analytics, and strategy with comprehensive messaging and accompanying visuals. Our team has grown with the internet, and through it, has developed knowledge and skills on how best to reach target audiences, unveil product, and promote events.

We understand the value that creative cross-platform communication offers, allowing us to accelerate brand awareness through data, insights and well executed strategy.

In our unwavering dedication to combating veteran suicide, VIDS Corp has forged a meaningful partnership with the Brothers Keeper Veteran Foundation. Together, we strive to eradicate the stigma surrounding veteran mental health and work towards reducing the alarming “22 a day” statistic to zero. If you wish to contribute to this vital cause or gain further insights into the non-profit, we invite you to explore more at Your support can make a significant difference.

Our collaboration with Innovation Works, LLC unleashes a dynamic force dedicated to software and design services, turning concepts into immersive experiences. Drawing from a rich background in filmmaking, game design, and automotive proficiency, they demonstrate exceptional prowess in VR, AR, XR, and UI/UX design. Their extensive Asset & Environment Development Team, strategically located across North America and Europe, ensures comprehensive solutions.

Partnering with Grey Raven Group (GRG) means aligning with a commitment to exceptional service and value for the U.S. warfighters and allies. GRG specializes in crafting strategic plans for businesses, navigating complex processes in the Defense sector, and facilitating expansion into non-commoditized markets. They actively support American jobs and assist U.S. international allies, providing not just assistance but also mentorship for clients to achieve their business development and growth goals.