Digital content creation and development isn’t just something we do – it’s something we live and breathe by. We’ve discovered that one of the easiest ways to take the complex subject matter and make it digestible, is to make it so visually appealing the viewer feels that they’re a part of the process.

VIDS Corp has developed a unique approach to digital content development services. By having in-depth knowledge of both S&T-based projects, AND current content creation industry trends – our dedicated team of in-field videographers, photographers, and operators can create the best possible content pieces to help your program, product or event grow.



We begin with a discovery period, focused on exactly what our clients are looking for.


We'll plan out shoots, construct storyboards and further develop the project ideas.


We spend time in-field - directing, shooting and producing all of the planned content.


We go behind the scenes to turn all of that captured footage into a cohesive, final project.


We present a final deliverable for our clients - always with outstanding reviews and praise.


Our equipment includes cinema quality cameras that provide broadcast quality digital video, microphones to ensure crystal clear audio, lighting and grip equipment to ensure each shot is perfect are all part of our custom packages built to tailor the needs of our clients. Along side all of this is our great selection of UAS options for the best possible arial shots, and an entire division dedicated to next generation VR based content development.

Our post-production studio includes state of the art editing software, custom built internal servers for fast collection and transfer of footage during shoots, and spec-ed out hardware for making editing quick and efficient. We handle motion graphics, color grading, and audio mastering – delivering a stunning final result for our clients.

Our crews are led by experienced producers, directors and directors of photography who ensure each project is completed on time and on budget. All of our in-field video crew offers credentials such as Emmy nominations, PBS Documentary Awards, and recognition at both the local, state and national level for their various works.