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Since 2017, VIDS Corp has worked to develop a process that takes complex subject matter and gives it new life as exciting, interesting and easy to process material. Our mission is to help generate awareness and understanding towards government programs, projects and events that may otherwise be overlooked. We firmly believe that next generation technology is the future of not only the warfighter, but of government objectives as a whole.

In 2017, VIDS Corp had the opportunity to tackle a new program from the US Army’s Ground Vehicle System Center (GVSC) known as Project ORIGIN. Because the Project ORIGIN program was in the early stages of research and development, VIDS Corp was able to come in and provide unique content coverage which would later lead to longterm coverage plans in the years to come.




Hosted at Camp Grayling, Michigan in 2017, the Project ORIGIN Increment One event consisted of a multifaceted approach to covering drive functions, attachments, and mission capabilities of the platform. As part of the Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) enterprise, the Project ORIGIN MUTT platform acts as a technology demonstrator for upcoming advancements in autonomy, robotics, and mission readiness functions. The Increment One event was designed to be a showcase for all that Project ORIGIN could offer – particularly in the areas of off road capability, implementation of tactical attachments, and increased distance operations.



  • Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)
  • Modular Smoke Obscuration Module (SOM)
  • Commonly Remote Operated Weapon System (CROWs)
  • Counter-UAS Jammer
  • MPU5 Persistent Communication System
  • Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD)
  • Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN)


  • Autonomous drive functions integrated with the Warfighter Machine Interface (WMI)
  • Robotic Technology Kernel (RTK)

Alongside the various hardware and software tests which were highlighted, drive functionality’s and platform capabilities were also put to the test. The Project ORIGIN Platform utilizes a three step drive functionality, including:

  • Hand Held Remote (Wand): Fitting into the palm of your hand with a singular joystick for operating the platform, the Wand method is lightweight, compact, and ultra-functional.
  • Tether: By clipping an ultra light line to the pack of an individual, the ORIGIN platform can detect walking speeds in realtime and continue to follow the individual, without clipping their heels or being any additional resistance.
  • TeleOperations: Utilizing a standard hand held tablet system, the ORIGIN platform can be remotely operated from a distance, eliminating the need for individuals or warfighters to be within proximity during potentially dangerous situations.


VIDS Corp’s process for this event began as we begin all of our events – by asking questions. consulting with project managers, engineers, support staff, etc. takes first priority for VIDS Corp when arriving to a new event site. Understanding where we can and cannot be occupied by personnel, what can and cannot be filmed, and what the focus of the event is are all taken into consideration during this process.

This event in particular was unique in that the Project ORIGIN team wanted to be sure and highlight all of the capabilities the MUTT platform had to offer. VIDS Corp was given total control of mission sets and objectives in order to get the best possible coverage of the platform.

VIDS Corp utilized a variety of never-before-seen in the defense space technology when it comes to the content collection field. State of the art drone technology allowed for VIDS to capture events from various angles and heights, something that had not been utilized in this space prior to the event. Along side drone usage, VIDS Corp utilized their extensive Sony camera collection, including the A6000 and A7III for photos. GoPro camera’s, as well as handheld gimbals also played a large part in the content capture for this event.


Being fully immersed within the event allowed VIDS Corp to successfully capture all capabilities that the Project ORIGIN MUTT platform has to offer. This was also the first opportunity fir VIDS Corp to take on a large scale, government client that allowed unbridled access to their platform, mission sets, and attachments.

VIDS Corp completed two different video deliverables, as well as multiple photos to emphasize how successful and necessary this program is for the future of the RCV program and the way soldiers make contact on the battlefield moving forward. Being able to shine a light on Project ORIGIN being a continuously low cost, high reward program is crucial to the future of not only the program, but of our warfighters and their fielded equipment.

In our unwavering dedication to combating veteran suicide, VIDS Corp has forged a meaningful partnership with the Brothers Keeper Veteran Foundation. Together, we strive to eradicate the stigma surrounding veteran mental health and work towards reducing the alarming “22 a day” statistic to zero. If you wish to contribute to this vital cause or gain further insights into the non-profit, we invite you to explore more at Your support can make a significant difference.

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