Website creation. Social media development. UI and UX design. 

At VIDS Corp, we place all of these into one category – not because we want to sweep them under the rug, but because we understand how they are all so integral to each-others success.

When it comes to new programs, products and events, there is no better way to highlight than with the power of social media.

Combining modern campaign strategy techniques, the best developers and designers money can buy, and an understanding of what our clients target audiences’ are looking for – we can revolutionize your product, program, or event at the snap of a finger.


Social Media Strategy

Whether it’s planning, executing, or all the above – we can get you from idea to posting in no time.

Account Development

Looking for more clicks? More views? General growth? We handle all of those – and plenty more.

Custom Web Design

Design, develop and integrate anything some a simple landing page, to a complex web store.

SEO Analysis and Optimization

Making sure that your product, program or event is the easiest to find, and the fastest to load.

Content development

Whether it's working on strategy, analysis or all the above - we can build content that fits your exact needs and styles.

Analytical Breakdown

So you have a platform that’s successful – but what do you do with all that data? We've got you covered there too.